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This is my body of workDream Life. There is a story in Popgun, and Comic Book Tattoo. Sea of Red, and Therefore Repent!. Just highlights of the last 12 years. And there were almost 12 more before that!  My publishing history is eclectic, I’ve established a multi-polar narrative identity. Lot I like about that personally, but I dread that question, “Do you have a book?”.  Thats what RevolveЯ is for. 

Being eclectic sometimes has made it easier to find paying work. Broad range of things I can do. And in part it’s led to my comics being discovered by a lot of readers, but not always helped me keep them.  Gives me a broad base but a diluted voice. RevolveЯ is conceived as a remedy for that. A constant around which I’ll build something I hope. Making the prime theme of RevolveЯ, me.

Hmm, So what are my themes? Well lets start with names and identity. And history too, I love history.

Salgood Sam is me, Max Douglas. Named I’m told, either after a cartoon of a kid with a fish in his pants titled “stinky max”, or for Maixim Gorky, the pseudonym of Alexei Maximovich Peshkov, a Russian Soviet writer, a founder of the Socialist Realism literary method and a political activist. Probably killed by his friends. In either case it was my father’s idea. Douglas was gentrified from Dolgonos, that was his fathers idea. And nothing is as it seems.

I have many hats, but mostly I say I’m a canadian comics creator who takes great pleasure in blending surrealism, fiction, and the search for identity and personal meaning into narratively lyrical graphic fiction. At least this is what i aspire to.

After an intense period of development in my teens, when I found my happy place at the drawing board, my professional comics career started in my early 20s at Marvel, working on titles like Night Breed, Saint Sinner, and filing stories for Morbius, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man 2099, Ghost Rider 2099 and more.

I continued to work in comics WFH world irregularly through the 90s while making a living itinerantly and increasingly trying to establish a regular independent comics presence since, well, forever it feels like now. It’s the harder thing to do but it’s where I come from. My earliest reading material was Rip Off Press, Crumb, Spain, Shelton and all that good stuff, right along side 70s X-men, 80s DC, 90s Vertigo, the growing graphic novel diversity and all that is good and great in comics today. It’s sad i can no longer even imagine trying to keep up with the explosion of great comics these days. A joy and a bit daunting too.

Self publishing: I’ve frankly been reluctant to do it till now but the evolution of the great machines is making it possible, so i’m taking on self publishing. I’ve messed a bit with it before, but this time in earnest, and serious like!

I’m bringing a new serial, and a novel to market for 2013. The Novel is the first 156 pages of a two book series called Dream Life. We had a crowd-funding drive to wrap work on that and it’s slated for Launch in May 2013. A lot of work to do still but things look good. I plan to start offering some kind of pre-sale on the Launch Edition of Dream Life book one in february.

The series is RevolveЯ. A reboot of my dream project.

A quarterly comics collection for all my future work: The suspenseful and philosophical Dream Life book two; a Dracula comic with Mark Sable [Graveyard of Empires]; ongoing short stories like The rise and fall of it all; and assorted short one-off bits that i hope to maintain as constant venues of experimentation.

Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you’re lucky.

Alan Moore – The Mustard magazine interview

I grew up reading comics and books that blew me away and sucked me in, the works of Neil Gaiman, Paul Auster, Dave McKean, Bill Sienkiewicz, David Mazzucchelli? RevolveЯ dreams to achieve the kind of narrative integrity, craft, and joy of art that all those role models set out for me.

Cartooning isn’t writing and art – it’s poetry and graphic design

James Sturm - Festival of Cartoon Art notes: The Daily Cartoonist

With RevolveЯ I plan to present something 4 times a year, that appeals as much to non traditional comics readers as the converted. Aspire to something that feeds the eyes and mind and slips you a mickey now and then leaving you wondering what just happened? And ask for more.

The first three issues are each collections of shorts covering my body of work from 1997 to 2011. From collections like Popgun and Comic Book Tattoo. An adaptation of a historical animated short done for Bravo TV. And a variety of experimental works done to explore different drawing techniques and styles and the ellipsis of sequential art.

The fourth and subsequent six issues will feature all new work, the serialization of Dream Life book two, Dracula: Son of the Dragon, and more.

Some issues will explore adult content, don’t worry, you’ll be warned about them so they can be displayed and sold appropriately. But while mature in tone sometimes, much of my work can be enjoyed by any age. 15 to dead is potentially appropriate. PG if you’re more conservative.

I sell my books from my site digitally. Lot of work to do their marketing wise but the infrastructure is operating! I hope digital with grow to will serve a large portion of my audience,

But many still likes to go to their favorite shop and get a book they can hold, fold, turn the pages of. There’s a lot of call for that experience to me at shows and online. Using a professional grade print and shipping service that lets me supply shops with a great looking Trade Paperback directly with my own virtual distribution network.

So far it’s working pretty well, especially for american customers. Createspace being based in the US for that prime market, the shipping costs are manageable.

Additionally in time RevolveЯ will be available by IngramBaker & TaylorBarnes and Noble.

listing info for those TBA. I’m able to also serve my own home Canadian market and international orders either directly myself or via all of the amazon sites.

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