Category Archive: The rise and fall of it all

A story about those of us who find ourselves on the out side of society and of our own selves. | The rise and fall of it all is a collaboration with Jazz man John O’Brien. We started this project in April 0f 2006, when i went to Chicago for a research trip with some grant support. I completed a 15 page opening chunk of the story, which appeared in B&W in the first print edition of RevolveЯ. I have other portions drawn, and laid out about 60 pages. In all it’s probably 150 pages. But ironically given the subject matter, it got shelved for a bit due to economics and life stuff, but I’ve wanted to complete it for some time. Recently decided to get the ball rolling even if slowly on that, so i’m posting it when i can here. The project has it’s own blog here. There’s a full sound track for this, you can check out the mp3 files here, and this one is the audio version of the first 15 pages of story, with actor John Fuhr reading the part of Eliot – he’s also the model for the part: ACT1Firstversion.mp3

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