© 2013 salgood Millenium Comics! 451, Marie-Anne East, Montreal, Quebec.

Millenium Comics: Montreal, Qc.

And then there were three! [in Montreal] Finally got my butt over to one of my favorite comic shops in town to leave some copies. The fantastic Millenium Comics.

That makes 11 shops that cary RevolveЯ One in all. I stopped in on the D&Q shop and Monastiraki too to make sure they are still stocked too. There are probably three more retailers of comics in Montreal i’d like to visit, we’re spoiled for options compared to some towns when it comes to comics in Montreal.

But Millenium has long been my closest and most frequent choice. My personal off again on again pull list lives there.

Great well kept classic comic shop  that specializes in north american, french & english books. And a large selection European french comic books too. Also a respectable selection of translated Manga.

When I left my books were as you can see, sitting next to my friend Andy’s new independent book Black Church! -it’s pretty cool..

Millenium Comics is Located in the hart of the Plateau area, it has a large local customer base and great selection. Super helpful friendly staff, these guys are doing it right. :)

They also do a lot to support Local creators and publishers. I get a uncommonly good deal on my percentage of books sold there.  Thanks guys!

Millenium Comics
451, Marie-Anne East St.
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 844-4224
Mont-Royal Metro.


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