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Revolver Quarterly Vol.2 now available for download!

“Revolver is the very type of comic i want to make, filled with poetic short stories of dreams and loneliness, visually stunning and unique, with just the right mix of reality and fancy.”Farel Dalrymple

A few nice words from friends always makes promoting a new book easier! After a short delay Revolver is back.

Print on demand copies will be available soon but for now I’m focusing efforts on a digital first business plan for Revolver – Still want it to be a physical book for myself and those that want it, but going digital first makes getting it to you the reader a lot easier. The POD edition will be available in October. Revolver Quarterly Vol 2So here we go, Revolver Quarterly Vol.2, the digital edition! Grab your copies direct from salgoodsam.com here. Other than a few cents for paypal all funds go directly to supporting the creator!

¢99: 28 pages, 7″ x 10″, 200 dpi . PDF & CBR copies bundled in a 50.5 mb zip file. No DRM.

The feature story in this Vol. is Honolulu Lorie’s Lava Love Lounge and Poodle Emporium!

Seven pages inspired by the rhythms and themes of the great Tom Waits, whom I’ve long admired. And some scumbags, old friends I knew from Toronto but mostly from and still in Windsor Ont.

Early draft was scrawled on napkins and band flyers in various bars in the ‘90s while Waits’ music filled my ears.

Also found within, illustrations, a cut scene from my graphic novel Dream Life, and a pair of images created for Occupy Comics.

Some old Comic Jam pages in back, along with an article about my personal history with Jams.

All my downloadable books can be found here, including Revolver One.

-salgood sam.

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