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RevolveЯ Quarterly

I’ve long wished to have a comic series like this. I’ve let opportunities and the lack, common wisdom, and chance keep me from committing to publishing one…

I first attempted to launch an early iteration of it in B&W, in 2004.

It was sold at Expozine and TCAF and a few cool comic shops. It was a handmade zine with screen printed covers, sold them online and distributed at shows in person.

It was a nice little book if I say so myself and It got lots of positive attention. But  even with a well received proof of concept  I was unable at the time to get the publishers I approached to take it on and was too swamped to distribute and publish it myself. Work and life kept me busy and RevolveЯ stalled. It did not help that a lot of the talk these days is how the personal anthology comic is dead. But after reading that TCJ post this past year, I became even more determined to make my book a reality.

So, a little wiser [or not] and with far far better tools at my disposal, I’ve relaunched it. Mentioned an earlier draft of my plans in this interview on Robot 6 with Chris Arrant last July. Since then things have come together. So here’s what i’m doing.

A Quarterly comics anthology, all stories will be written or drawn by me. Genre fiction, Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime, sometimes auto bio or “slice of life”. I have diverse interests. That’s why I want a focused central venue to publish in print and digital formats, whatever I’m working on at the moment. My work is not going to be one thing all the time, so i hope to offset that by being in one place.

New issues available Quarterly, average size will be 28 pages.

It will very likely evolve a lot over time given my apatite for exploration, but this is the foundation i’m going to build from. I’m exploring some additional distribution models and partnerships, but at the moment it is certain that you will be able to order Revolver from Amazon  CreateSpacei get the best royalty from this link by the way ], this site directly through me, and in finer participating bookstores and specialty shops.

Suggested cover price between $10 and $15, depending on page count.

Digital!: I’m offering RevolveЯ directly from my site, in the form of high quality PDF & CBR files, DRM free digital editions for typically 99 cents!

But people want books! I know, me too.
You can order a print edition for $15.

Deal for groups! Given it’s not in a lot of comic shops yet, and good shops that ever will stock a book like this are not universal, i’m also open to doing wholesale orders for 3 books or more to groups pooling to buy it starting at 30% off cover and postage included. 

If you would like your local comic shop to stock it please let them know about RevolveЯ! If you are a librarian, contact me about procuring a deeply discounted wholesale order for your collection! I very much believe Libraries are the perfect setting for RevolveЯ, and plan to make it extra easy them to stock it. Digital Subscriptions will be forthcoming, and print ones available in time as well, once i’ve delivered on more than one issue.

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