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Strange Adventures: Halifax, NS. Fredericton, NB. & Dartmouth, NS.

Three cities in one go!
It was a happy thing
when the first orders for a retailer came in,
and it was for three shops at once!

I’m not sure if RevolveЯ will be at all three locations, but you can ask to reserve yours today.

I’ve heard a lot about this small chain of east coast shops. Sometimes hosts of comic jams and 24hr comics events, signings, and often quick to back canuck talents! Full disclosure; Calum is a backer in my successful Indiegogo drive for dream life.

I know for my friends i’n the comics game over the years, they have backed a lot of great Indie books.

Run by owner operator Calum Johnston they seem like really lively places. And I love the look of the Sackville shop. Look for the shots from Kate Beaton’s appearance, totally the kind of place i loved to be taken as a kid.

Another part of the world I’ve never been, that now I have a good excuse to try to get to! Their copies are estimated to arrive by Dec 17.

Strange Adventures

5262 Sackville St, Halifax, NS B3J 1K8| (902) 425-2140
68 York St, Fredericton, NB E3B 3N5 | (506) 450-3759
101 Portland St, Dartmouth, NS | (902) 444-2140
E-mail | Call Toll-Free 1-866-6-COMICS

photos sourced from the Internets, if anyone object just let me know and i’ll take your’s down.




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