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The Beguiling: Toronto, Ont.

Of all the shops that will stock RevolveЯ Quarterly #one for the holidays, In Toronto I’m honored to have it on the shelves of The Beguiling first.

There are a few other shops in my old home town i’d like to have it in as well or course. We want it in ALL the stores! But no shop is quite as close to my hart as the The Beguiling is. Forget that RevolveЯ will be there, if you’ve not yet visited the store, you must. Live out of town? Plan a vacation around it, it’s that good. I could say I’ve been a card carrying member of the shop since a year after it was first opened, if I had not lost my card several moves ago and to another city.  :( ~ I still dig around my studio now and then to see if it’s hiding somewhere.

Along with the Silver Snail and Dragon Lady [rip], it was of the holly triumvirate of downtown comic shops that helped make Toronto the comics community it is today.

They celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, it’s fantastic that they still seem to be going strong.

Peter just did an interview about his tenure as the long time and current owner that’s worth a read, he’s built a fantastic book shop and cultural center out of the indie comic shop he bought off Steve and Sean. And to top it off the comic festival they host, TCAF, has become a defining event for the burgeoning literary comics industry in the region.

Their copies are estimated to arrive by Dec 17, so as if you needed an excuse to hang out there, drop by in the days after that for sure, and ask for RevolveЯ by name.
Say hi to the staff for me too, tell them I sent you!

The Beguiling
601 Markham Street
Toronto, ON M6G 2L7
(416) 533-9168

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