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Monastiraki & Librairie D&Q: Montreal, Qc.

Took a walk on the first snowy day of the year to visit and stock, two local shops with copies of RevolveЯ One.
I’ll visit more in town but these are the first to stock RevolveЯ Quarterly! Librairie D&Q, and gallery/curiosity shop Monastiraki.

MONASTIRAKI – Le Petit Monastere
5478 St-Laurent
Update: I still have prints for sale at this shop but no books sold so no longer stocked.
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore

211 Bernard West.
Montreal’s only curated English language bookstore. Est. 2007

It’s been a pleasure watching Chris Oliveros build up a cool anthology comic into the most epic comics publisher in Canada. I’m too much of a hermit to claim to know him well, if I got myself to more openings and such maybe I could. But I’ve admired his work since our mutual old freind Bernie Mireault introduced us. A few years back his empire grew a retail arm and established one of the coolest comic book stores around, locally called the D&Q shop or Librairie D and Q. If it were not for living 40 min away and being cheep as hell, i’d be a regular.

When I dropped off a small handful of books on a Friday night, the place was packed. My over-sized courier bag and I could hardly move around! This is a dream of a comic shop, I half expect Nemo and Micky in his plane of bread to come dancing through.  I would like to move to an apt near by just so I could wander in and discover things on casual afternoons. Sounds totally kiss ass but it’s true. Great and very helpful hip staff and a smart customer base. Also lots of regular readings events and workshops. The kind of place you plan to stop at on a trip if you don’t live in the city, and feel just a little smug for no good reason, for living in the same town as it. :)

Monastiraki is as much a signature shop as D&Q.

A few blocks south, on busy St-Laurent, Artist and founder Billy Mavreas turned a family curiosity shop into a arts and culture hub! I took refuge there from the cold winds to say high and left a few books lighter. They were being laid out very nicely when I left, awaiting readers and homes. I plan to be back there soon with the prints I have left from Expozine.

Monastiraki showcases an increasingly refined selection of hand crafted and found objects the blur the lines between art and product, and a growing selection of prints and books by local creators and artists.

Workshops for kids and regular vernissages of all kinds of local art, live events, and a browsing friendly space make it a favorite stop when on the stroll in Mile End.

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