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The rise and fall of it all

The rise and fall of it all is a collaboration with composer and filmmaker John O’Brien

This page has the back story for the comic. We started this project in April 0f 2006, I went to Chicago for a research trip with some grant support, took thousads of photos as I walked about the city, and came back home to layout most of the story and started drawing it. I did a 15 page opening chunk of the story, which was published in the first B&W interation of RevolveЯ. Ironically given the themes, it got shelved for a bit due to economics and stuff, and when things picked up it was in the form of work on other books, so along with the rest of the RevolveЯ project this was put on hold. But I’ve wanted to complete, I feel like it’s an important story for me still.

The new edition of Revolver One has a longer color version of the first act, and I plan to compleate it in subsaquent issue. Here i’m posting a 10 page portion of the story for your enjoyment. Read the rest in RevolveЯ One 

The project has it’s own blog here.

There’s a full sound track for this, you can check out the mp3 files here, and this one is the audio version of the story, with actor John Fuhr reading the part of Eliot – he’s also the model for the part of Eliot : ACT1Firstversion.mp3


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